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The ADHD Artist Podcast

Jan 21, 2021

Check out this interview with Brandon Tessers, where I pick his brain about executive functioning, creativity, getting an ADHD diagnosis, and lots more!


Brandon's bio:

Brandon Tessers (he/him) is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC), a trained professional actor, an amateur singer/songwriter, a former schoolteacher and tutor, and an enthusiastic if sometimes ill-prepared husband and father.
He’s been helping children and adults with their executive functioning for over a decade, and has been doing so as a licensed therapist since 2016. He’s always been focused on working with people who exist outside the norm in one way or another and is particularly focused on helping people who consider themselves neurodivergent and/or creative.
Among other things, Brandon is a playwright and the DM for his longtime D&D group.  He’s also a national presenter and has conducted professional development for therapists and teachers.  He is passionate about his work–so much so that his friends and family sometimes wish he would stop talking about how everyone’s brain works. He couldn’t stop thinking about how to help people gain self-awareness and make changes in their lives if he tried.