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The ADHD Artist Podcast

Feb 15, 2021

Check out episode 11 with Juliet, where we discuss playing piano, occupational therapy, learning how to learn, and much more!


Juliet Morse Aucreman is a piano teacher, composer, writer, artist, and occupational therapist living in San Clemente, California.

Juliet was a piano performance major at Eastman School of Music, holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Rochester and an MS in Occupational Therapy from Boston University. She has pursued advanced coach training through ADDCA (the ADD Coaching Academy). Juliet is a SIPT-Certified pediatric occupational therapist. She has published over 80 humorous and thoughtful pieces in national and local print publications including Attention Magazine.

In 2019, Juliet released her book and music album Fireflies of the Mind: A Journey into Mindfulness and Inner Strength. Fireflies of the Mind is a literary, musical, artistic, and philosophical journey for multiple age groups. Through playful thoughtfulness and whimsical imagery, readers and listeners come to embrace parts of themselves they may have rejected, and discover new ways to see strengths in their individual differences. Fireflies of the Mind, inspired by the wonderful coursework from the ADD coaching academy, celebrates individuality and unique brain wiring and helps participants actively see new ways of being, growing, and joining the world around them.

Juliet is currently at work on her second book/music album, The Crimson Heartstone: A Journey towards Courage and Heart. ADD characteristics can easily be spotted in the main characters of both books. 



Fireflies of the Mind: