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The ADHD Artist Podcast

Apr 14, 2021

Check out episode 13 with Kelli, where we discuss opera, gaming, Terry Pratchett, letting yourself be ridiculous, and lots more!

Kelli Butler (known online as The Opera Geek) is a professional opera singer, aria slinging mercenary, and Actual Bard. * She is an award-winning (actually, not just from my mom) opera soprano whose roles include Queen of the Night, Hanna Glawari, Musetta, Violetta, and more.

When not performing - say, during a pandemic - she can be found playing games on her twitch channel or appearing in a multitude of other TTRPG/D&D shows, including the new campaign "Let's get Wildemount!", set in the Critical role universe. 

Kelli is the co-author of the best-selling College of the Opera bard subclass for bards, which can be found on the DMsGuild. She lives in NY with her husband Justin and their two very irrational pets, Bones and Scotty.