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The ADHD Artist Podcast

Mar 17, 2021

Join us as Susie Sahim and I chat about the artistic process, art RPGs, working as a Google Doodler, and lots more!


Susie Sahim is an entrepreneur, illustrator, animator, and web developer based in San Jose, CA. She worked for Google for 13 years, during which she delighted people by created more than 100 doodles as a Google Doodler, and later going on to become a tech lead for a code library, leading and mentoring a team of web developers. In 2019, she left the corporate world to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. Her mission is to motivate artists with art role playing games on, an art and writing community. She's passionate about the importance of communities to help neurodivergent creators feel accepted, build confidence, and overcome art block.  


PaperDemon Art and Writing community
My personal blog (includes more social links)
Youtube channel - videos that talk about art and motivation